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May 22, 2024

Recap: Cobb County Sheriff’s Office Hosted Faith Leaders Roundtable


Faith Leaders and CCSO’s executive office grouping together for a photo after a successful discussion at our Faith Leaders Roundtable.


Recap: Cobb County Sheriff’s Office Hosted Faith Leaders Roundtable

The Cobb County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) hosted the Faith Leaders Roundtable on Tuesday, May 14, 2024, at the Cobb County Public Safety Training Center. Leaders from various faith communities attended and shared insights on how the CCSO can partner with their places of worship.

The roundtable began with a moment of reflection led by Chaplain Morrison, followed by a breakfast provided by Flying Biscuit. Chief Anderson and Chief of Staff Jones welcomed everyone and thanked the faith leaders for helping to bridge the gap between faith communities and law enforcement.

Sheriff Owens spoke about his faith background and its influence on his decisions, especially in understanding other religions. He highlighted the importance of religious access in the Sheriff's Office, such as providing kosher meals and access to faith-specific practices like Eid and Ramadan. He emphasized that while the CCSO does not discriminate based on religion, it must balance inmates' religious rights with jail security. Sheriff Owens also discussed increasing patrols around mosques and synagogues during times of heightened tensions in the Middle East and stressed the need for open communication between the sheriff’s office and religious communities. He encouraged attendees to share information about their religious practices to educate deputies.

After Sheriff Owens' address, each faith leader introduced themselves and their assembly. Captain Jenkins then spoke about the Chaplaincy at the Cobb County Detention Center.

The event's highlight was the roundtable discussion, moderated by PIO Sgt. Blake, where faith leaders shared how the CCSO can better support them. The event concluded with an invitation for leaders to include the CCSO in their next Faith in Blue event and closing remarks from Lt. Robinson.


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:: Courtesy of the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office::


Sheriff Owens speaks to attendees at the Faith Leaders Roundtable.




PIO Sgt. Blake
moderates the discussion between faith leaders and CCSO at the Faith Leaders Roundtable.




Chaplain Morrison (CCSO)
hosted the Faith Leaders Roundtable.




staff helped serve breakfast at the Faith Leaders Roundtable.
Pictured left to right: Kim Lucas (Accounting), Kellay Kidney (CID), Robin Clements (Open Records) and Cindy Greenfield (Project Management).




Karmen Edwards (l) and Candice Jimerson-Johnson (r) (Mission 1:27), introduced themselves at the Faith Leaders Roundtable.




Deputy Watts, Jonathan Lotson
and Capt. Holt are all smiles at the Faith Leaders Roundtable.




Pastor Tracy Carter Sr.
(Sweetwater Ministries) shares his perspective at the Faith Leaders Roundtable.




Sheriff Owens
speaking with one of the faith leaders, Pastor Francisco Vega (Arc City Church) about building relationships with law enforcement and the community at the Faith Leaders Roundtable.




Faith leader Dr. Bashir Mundi (Masjid Al-Furqan West Cobb Islamic Center Inc) asking a question during the Faith Leaders Roundtable discussion.




Rev. Joe Evans (1st Presbyterian Church) shares his perspective on bridging the gap between faith leaders and law enforcement at the Faith Leaders Roundtable.




Pastor Carlos Gonzales (Pentecostal Church of God is Love) listens in as attendees speak at the Faith Leaders Roundtable.





Sheriff Owens speaking to the faith leaders about unity at the Faith Leaders Roundtable.