Adult Detention Center


The Detention Facilities Division is responsible for the following duties:
Detainee Processing
Detainee Medical Care
Detainee Commissary
Detainee Library
Detainee Labor Force
Food Service
Facility Security
Work Release Program
Custody of Pretrial and Sentenced Detainees
Maintenance of Incarceration Record
The Detention Division is comprised of the Jail, Work Deployment Facility and the Annex.


The Cobb County Jail Complex is located at 1825 County Services Road. The Jail is a pretrial facility and encompasses approximately one million square feet under roof. The original jail (Building A) was completed in 1987 at a cost of $13.5 million dollars. The jail was expanded (Building B) in 1997 at cost of $39.2 million dollars. Both were paid for by property bonds. The most recent expansion – C Tower was completed in 2010 at a cost of $110 million dollars and was funded through a special sales tax. The total bed capacity for A, B and C Tower is 3,077.

Work Deployment Center

The work deployment facility houses non-violent under-sentence detainees. This facility is comprised of supervised county work crews and work release participants. Work crews are deployed daily through out the county to various county departments and save the taxpayers annually over $2 million by performing labor that would otherwise be hired. The work release participants are sentenced detainees who serve their sentence in a minimum-security facility while be released during the day to work. To qualify for the work release program, detainees must pass a thorough background investigation and must be gainfully employed and/or enrolled in school or training classes.

Records And Identification

The records and identification Unit is charged with the responsibility of maintaining arrest and incarceration records, fingerprints, photographs and court documents for detainees housed in the Cobb County Detention Facilities. The unit also handles dissemination of record data and photographs pursuant to GCIC and NCIC rules.

Crime Scene Technical Services

Crime Scene Technical Services, provides crime scene services to all law enforcement agencies within the County. This unit provides crime scene photography, including in-house development of all film and video documentation, as well as evidence collection and other crime scene processing services. It is one of the few units in the metro area that is staffed 24/7 with certified crime scene technicians.

Also organized under the Crime Scene Unit is an in-house marijuana-testing lab, which services all local law enforcement agencies within the County. The lab provides testing services as well as expert testimony related to the testing and has been instrumental in expediting marijuana cases through the court process.

Transport Section

The Transport Section is responsible for the safe and secure transportation of detainees incarcerated in the Cobb County detention facilities. Typical destinations include the county courts, medical facilities and other detention and correctional facilities throughout the county and state.

The Cobb County Sheriff’s Office is committed to giving the most professional, fair, and impartial law enforcement and detention operations possible while ensuring accountability, respect, and community-oriented partnership.

As a part of our continuing efforts to achieve operational excellence, the Cobb County Sheriff's Office is currently seeking accreditation by CALEA, the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies. CALEA officials would like to hear from the public regarding how our agency is operating within the community. Please follow this link to provide Public Comment on the CALEA website:

Accreditation Public Comment Portal

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