Scam Call Alert!

Attention! We are receiving a high volume of calls and complaints in reference Scam Calls recently! There are several types of scam calls that are circulating with the most popular one being “You have a warrant for your arrest for missing jury duty. Always remember if you have a warrant for your arrest, law enforcement WILL NOT call you for payment/restitution for a warrant. There are also scams that say you have won a prize, lost money owed to you, vehicle warranty, credit card accounts, wanting to confirm your social security information,  and etc. If you receive one of these calls just HANG UP on them. Also, you should NEVER pay anyone with any type of gift card (ITunes, Green Dot, etc.)  If you or someone you know are a victim of a scam call that has cost you financially and you are a resident of Cobb County please call us at 770-499-4725. For information on phone scams you can visit:    


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