Reserves Unit

The Reserve Unit was established in 1981 and is composed of a volunteer group of state mandated peace officers augmenting the full-time personnel. The unit is under the command of the Executive Office.

Reserve Deputies are required to work a minimum of thirty (30) hours in a three (3) month period to stay current. The reserves can be assigned to work in any division and many often work far more than the minimum. The dedicated women and men of the Reserve Unit receive no compensation for their work beyond the satisfaction of a job well done.

The Reserve Unit is a non-profit organization which sponsors various fund raising activities throughout the year. This money is distributed to various charities within Cobb County.

Members of the Reserve Unit are required to attend meetings and training sessions where they are briefed on current law changes and procedural modifications. This training greatly enhances their role in law enforcement. The Sheriff’s Office appreciates the efforts of its Reserve Unit personnel and Cobb County is well served by their dedication.

Contact Information

Major Tony Scipio
Cobb County Sheriff’s Office
185 Roswell Street
Marietta, Georgia 30090

Telephone: (770) 499-4790