Orders Declaring Judicial Emergency

Adjournment Order July





Governor Executive Order


2020-5-28 Judge Bowers Memo

Order and Memorandum 5-12-20

Juvenile Court Extention Memo May;
Second Order Extending Declaration of Statewide Judicial Emergency_issued 51120;
Further Guidance on Grand Juries 51120;
Sup. Ct. Extension Order
Memo Juvenile Court May:
GA Supreme Court Emergency Order Extension;
Memo Superior Court Operations Memo 18MAR20;
Order Declaring Judicial Emergency Magistrate Court;
Order Declaring Judicial Emergency Probate Court;
Order Declaring Judicial Emergency State Court;
Statewide Judicial Emergency order;
Magistrate Court Standing Order Ordinances;
Juvenile Court Extention Language;
2020-4-7 Memorandum – Chief Judge Carl W. Bowers



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