Mounted Patrol

Mounted Patrol

In 1998, a handful of dedicated deputies who shared a love of horses, volunteered their time, horses and expertise to organize the Mounted Patrol Unit. This Unit has grown to ten members and each has attended rigorous State certification training courses. In addition, each member and their horse receive in excess of 100 training hours each year.

The Mounted Patrol Unit assists in searches for lost persons, searches for wanted suspects or escaped prisoners, works crowd control details, and makes numerous personal appearances each year.

Are you interested in having the Mounted Patrol Unit participate in an event? Contact Colonel Hunton or Sergeant Rice for further details, respectively (770) 499-4318 and (770) 499-4234.


Mounted Patrols have a long history in law enforcement. The New York Police Department’s Mounted Unit, one of the most recognized, originated in 1871. Some units have existed for hundreds of years.

Mounted patrols are known for the “high” visibility. Officers mounted on top of a horse can be seen at far distances and among crowds. These officers have a visible advantage due to the height factor. Many people are attracted to the horse for various reasons. This factor makes these officers more “approachable” than an officer in an automobile.

Mounted units perform a variety of details including crowd control, crime deterrence, traffic control, park policing, and ceremonial activities. Mounted units patrol streets, parks, stadiums, and even school grounds. Mounted units are invaluable for search and rescue events, the horse is agile and capable of traveling in areas impossible for the traditional patrol vehicle.

Contact Information

SGT Jeffery Rice
Telephone: (770) 499-4630