Would you like to learn about Gun Safety?

Free Gun Safety Class for Citizens!

Sheriff Neil Warren and staff are offering a FREE Gun Safety Class for citizens on Thursday Nov. 16 at 6pm at the West Cobb Senior Center 4915 Dallas Highway Powder Springs, GA 30127-4488.

During this class we will be discussing gun safety/storage, gun types, choosing the right gun for you, gun ownership/transfer laws, Use of Force, firearm alternatives, Georgia Weapons License and requirements, active shooter situations, and questions from class participants. The class will begin at 6pm and will last approximately 2 – 2 ½ hours. You do not need to register for the class!

This is a classroom instruction/familiarization only with NO live fire training! Class participants will also receive one FREE safety gun lock
(per person). If you have any questions please email Glenn Daniel at Glenn.Daniel@cobbcounty.org

Comments from previous class attendees:

I attended the class last night and wanted to send a personal thank you to you and the great team that presented. I so appreciated the time and effort that was put into this. I know that your time is so valuable and already spending time away from your families and then to do this volunteer class. I think everyone gun owner or not should attend. What a great group of guys.
Thank You!
Patt Courtney

I would like to express my sincere thanks for this Gun Safety Class. I had a lot of questions answered. I was able to speak with some of the others who attended and their feedback was all positive. Congratulations to all who participated in putting this class together, and in presenting the “need to know information” in understandable, layman terms.
Alverine Dewar

I wanted to comment, while it was fresh in my mind, about the program. Having been involved with public safety for a number of years, I greatly appreciate the time and effort all of you made to put on this program. The program itself was informative, thought provoking, educational and even funny, all while addressing something that IS, in fact, serious business.

I’d like to express my personal appreciation to the Sheriff, his deputies and the members of your office for putting on this program. A number of the members of a group I belong to all own firearms. I’ve just emailed them this email chain and encouraged them to attend one of the two other sessions this year.
Perry B. Lamb

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