Sheriff Warren takes oath of office

Sheriff Neil Warren was sworn into office on December 22 by Georgia Supreme Court Presiding Justice P. Harris Hines. This will mark the beginning of Sheriff Warren’s 4 term in office. Earlier in the week employees across the agency also took their oaths of office as administered by the Sheriff. Neil Warren has been a law enforcement professional for over thirty years. Fulfilling the unexpired term of longtime Sheriff Bill Hutson, Warren was sworn in as the 42nd Sheriff of Cobb County January 1, 2004. He has been employed with the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office since 1977. Sheriff Warren has worked his way through the ranks of the Sheriff’s Office starting as a Sheriff’s Deputy. He was promoted to ranks of Sergeant, Lieutenant and Captain. Sheriff Warren was appointed as Chief Investigator in 1984 and to the position of Chief Deputy Sheriff in June of 1994 where he served until taking over the Office of Sheriff. Having been elected to the office of Sheriff four times, Sheriff Warren is looking forward to serving the citizens of Cobb County over the next four years.

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