Sgt. Cherry & Deputy Arsenault Help Disabled Veteran who lost his Home!

Here are some great guys with BIG hearts!

During an eviction Sergeant Michael Cherry and Deputy Stephen Arsenault learned that a disable veteran was going to lose his home. The guys jumped into action, connected him with and then personally paid for two nights at a local hotel and made sure he had some gas money. The good folks from United Military Care said they have it from here. Proud of all three of these men!

Update to the story!

Deputy Arsenault went back Friday night to where the veteran was staying to check on the veteran. As he was walking back to his vehicle, the desk clerk came outside and called him back to her.  She asked about the veteran and who he was, she then informed Deputy Arsenault that the motel was offering FREE room and board in return for light maintenance work around the hotel. She wanted Deputy Arsenault to ask the veteran to see if he was interested. While talking with the veteran he stated that he has handyman experience and there isn’t anything that he cannot fix!

The veteran spoke with the manager about the offer and they worked out a deal and the veteran now has somewhere to stay!

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