Here are some Identity Theft Victim Resources & Tips from our Fraud Unit!

Credit Bureaus- Contact the fraud units of the three major credit reporting bureaus and request a copy of your credit report. Be sure to check your credit report for any unauthorized activity. They are Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Follow up with letters to addresses provided and have your credit reports flagged to prevent future fraudulent accounts from being opened.

Creditors- Contact all creditors immediately with whom your name has been used fraudulently. Get replacement cards with new numbers for accounts that have been used fraudulently. Ask that the old accounts be process as “account closed at customer’s request.

ATM Cards- If your ATM card has been stolen or compromised, get a new card, account number, and PIN number. When creating a new PIN, don’t use common numbers like the last four digits of your Social Security Number or your date of birth.

Change of Address- Call the postal inspector if you suspect an identity thief has filed a fraudulent change of address order to obtain your mail and personal information.

Social Security Number- Your SSN is the main key to most electronic databases with information about you. Call the Social Security Administration Fraud Hotline to report fraudulent use of your SSN. In some cases, only if you meet the Social Security fraud criteria, you may be issued a new Social Security Card and number.

Driver’s License Number- If an identity thief has used your driver’s license or identification card number; contact the Georgia Department of Driver Services to request a new license with a different license number.

Phone Services- If you discover fraudulent charges on your bill report this to your carrier and open a new account. Also, look out for utility bills, such as power service, opened by unauthorized individuals using your Social Security Number.

Affidavits- You may be asked by creditors to provide notarized affidavits supporting your report of identity theft. The law does not require that such affidavits be notarized, but you may want to provide them if requested for your own protection.



  • Request a copy of your credit report(s)
  • Add fraud alert/ credit freeze
  • Contact creditors
  • Close compromised accounts
  • Request new ATM Cards / Change your PIN #
  • Contact Postal Inspector


Georgia’s Department of Driver Services:              678-413-8766

U.S. Postal Inspection Services:           877-876-2455

Federal Trade Commission:                                          877-438-4338

Social Security Administration Fraud Hotline:              800-269-0271




Chexsystems- 800-428-9623       CrossCheck, Inc. – 800-552-1900      TeleCheck – 800-710-9898




Equifax Corp.

To Order Report: 800-685-1111  Fraud Department: 800-525-6285


To place a fraud alert visit:



To Order Report: 877-322-8228


To place a fraud alert visit:



To Order Report: 877-322-8228  Fraud Department: 888-397-3742


To place a fraud alert visit:



To order a free credit report online visit:


Remember to keep a log of all contacts and make copies of all documents. Be sure to ask for a fraud investigator at most companies as a point of contact.


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