Deputy Arsenio Bradfield selected as Mt. Calvary Baptist Church’s Public Servant of the Year!

Deputy Arsenio Bradfield was selected as the Mt. Calvary Baptist Church’s 2017 Public Servant of the Year! On July 8, 2017 Deputy Bradfield entered a cellblock to investigate an physical altercation that had taken place between two inmates in which a homemade weapon was used against one of the inmates. Deputy Bradfield was able to diffuse the situation and able retrieve the weapon from one of the inmates. Deputy Bradfield’s actions helped remove a violent inmate and a dangerous improvised weapon from the cellblock. Deputy Bradfield demonstrated bravery by never hesitating to act by meeting the violent inmate head on and never backing down from the threat! Chief Deputy Milton Beck presented the award to Deputy Bradfield and praised Deputy Bradfield for his quick action in resolving this situation. Thank You Deputy Bradfield for the job you do for the sheriffs office and the citizens of Cobb County!

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