Deputy Arsenault recognized by South Cobb Rotary Club at their Annual Public Safety Luncheon!

Deputy Stephen Arsenault was recognized by the South Cobb Rotary Club at their Annual Public Safety Appreciation Luncheon for his quick actions that resulted in saving a citizen’s life earlier this year.

On Wednesday March 6, Deputy Arsenault was on patrol when he was flagged down by a male citizen named Mr. John Atkins that was beside his vehicle on Barrett Parkway. As Dep. Arsenault approached the vehicle he observed that John’s wife Elaine in the passenger seat was experiencing a medical issue and then went into cardiac arrest. He removed Mrs. Atkins from the vehicle and immediately began CPR. While conducting CPR he notified communications of his location for the fire department and Emergency Medical Services to respond to his location to assist.

Dep. Arsenault continued CPR and utilizing his mobile A.E.D. until EMS arrived to transport Mrs. Atkins to the hospital.

Dep. Arsenault’s calm demeanor, quick actions, and remembering his training during this situation resulted in saving Mrs. Atkins’s life.

To show you the character and compassion Dep. Arsenault has for the citizens he serves, he went to the hospital to check on the Mr. and Mrs. Atkins to make sure they were both doing ok.

After the luncheon Deputy Arsenault received a phone call that Mrs. Atkins was being released from the hospital and took it upon himself to escort the couple to their home.

The American Heart Association statistics have shown that 90% of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests do not survive; she is in the miraculous 10% thanks to Deputy Arsenault’s actions.

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