Deputies recognized at Cobb County Law Enforcement Luncheon!

Deputy Chris Shaver and Deputy Recruit Christopher Dees for being recognized at the recent Cobb County Law Enforcement Association Luncheon!

On Friday, March 29, Deputy Shaver was off duty at home when he was alerted that a neighbor’s residence was on fire. Without hesitation, nor concern for his own personal safety, Deputy Shaver entered the burning residence twice, where he rescued a female and the family’s dog from the residence by escorting them to safety. Deputy Shaver continued to assist the victim by providing comfort and care once the fire department arrived.

Deputy Shaver’s professionalism, heroism, dedication to serving others and courage in the face of peril, stopped what could have been a fatally catastrophic event. His dedication to the sheriff’s office motto, “Leadership through Service”, shined as a true example of a Deputy Sheriff of Cobb County. Even though the house was a total loss, Deputy Shaver’s actions and quick thinking saved a life and the family’s cherished pet.

On May 24th, Deputy Recruit Dees was notified of inmates smoking narcotics in an area at the adult detention center. As he responded, several inmates attempted to leave the area. Dees prevented any of the inmates from leaving the area. A search was conducted, but they had apparently disposed of any contraband.

On May 25th, Deputy Recruit Dees was conducting security rounds at the adult detention center and smelled the odor of burning narcotics in the inmate pod. Dees made contact with the inmate, who initially tried to conceal the contraband in his hand when he attempted to handcuff the inmate, he attempted to get away and threw the narcotics into the dayroom. Dees was able to gain control of the inmate and recover the narcotics for evidence.

Deputy Recruit Dees has been employed by the Sheriff’s Office for less than a year, yet he continues to perform at a level more commonly seen by more experienced deputies.

Great Job Deputies!

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