Defendant in 1986 Marietta Double Rape / Murder is returned to Cobb County!


May 26, 2017 ­– Cobb County District Attorney Vic Reynolds, Cobb Sheriff Neil Warren, and Marietta Police Chief Dan Flynn are pleased to announce that a man charged in a 1986 double rape and murder has now returned to Cobb County to face charges.

In November 2015, Ronald Lee Kyles was served with an arrest warrant charging him with the rapes and murders of Sharon Brady and her 13-year-old daughter, Samantha, who were found dead in their apartment at 132 Cole Street, Marietta, on Sept. 12, 1986. Sharon Brady’s three-year-old daughter was also in the apartment but was unharmed.

At the time of his arrest and until this week, Kyles was serving time in a Pennsylvania state prison on an unrelated aggravated assault conviction.

Cobb Grand Jury Indictment 16-0292, handed down in January 2016, charges Kyles with two counts of malice murder, eight counts of felony murder, burglary, two counts of rape, two counts of aggravated assault, aggravated sodomy, and aggravated child molestation.

Kyles fought his extradition to Georgia, but last month Gov. Nathan Deal and Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf signed an executive agreement to return Kyles to Georgia to face the charges.

This week, Cobb Sheriff’s deputies traveled to Pennsylvania and escorted Kyles, now 62, to the Cobb County Adult Detention Center, where he was booked in last night.

The next step will be for Kyles to be arraigned in this case, which is currently assigned to Cobb Superior Court Judge Reuben M. Green.

In 1986, Marietta Police conducted an intensive investigation but did not have enough evidence to make an arrest.

In 2013, District Attorney Reynolds formed a Cold Case Unit within his office and invited the Marietta Police Department as well as all other local law enforcement agencies to participate in a review of unsolved murders and sex crimes. A grant from the U.S. Department of Justice awarded to the Cold Case Unit in 2014 paid for testing of forensic evidence preserved in this case. Per the Indictment, DNA evidence was used to establish the identity of the accused.

“Since forming the Cold Case Unit in 2013, we’ve had remarkable success in solving some of these cases thanks to the partnership we’ve developed with local law enforcement agencies such as the Marietta Police Department and the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office,” DA Vic Reynolds said. “We will never forget these cases and we look forward to being able to bring violent offenders to Court on behalf of victims and their families, who are deserving of justice.”

Cobb Sheriff Neil Warren lauded great investigative work by the District Attorney’s Office Cold Case Unit and all the partners involved in the arrest of Kyles.

“I do not think that whenever a family member loses a loved one they can ever find closure, but hopefully this will help the Brady family in some way,” Sheriff Warren said.

Marietta Police Deputy Chief Marty Ferrell added, “The Cold Case Unit is a force multiplier in bringing criminals to justice. We appreciate the efforts of the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office and the Cobb County District Attorney’s Office in bringing Ronald Lee Kyles back to Georgia to face the charges against him. The Marietta Police Department is committed to the pursuit of justice and will work diligently with the District Attorney’s Office to bring this case to successful prosecution.”

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