Congratulations to Deputy Rick May for being selected as the April 2018 Atlanta Braves Diamond Honoree for Law Enforcement!

On April 4. 2018 Deputy Rick May demonstrated an awesome display of public relations! He was assigned to the left field gate and noticed that a batch of tickets were left unattended. He picked them up to make certain they were safely secured. A few minutes later a distraught elderly lady and her family members approached him. She told him that she couldn’t find their tickets. He verified the name and address and handed her the misplaced tickets. Her six year old granddaughter was in tears thinking that they were not going to be able to go to the game.

As if that wasn’t enough…Deputy May was down near the field earlier and one of the players tossed him a ball. It would have been easy for Dep. May to keep the ball and give it to one of his own children. Instead, he gave the baseball to that little girl.The tears of sadness changed to tears of joy and excitement.
Great Job Deputy May!

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