Cobb County Citizen donates Fishing Boat to the Georgia Sheriff’s Youth Homes!

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Carmony gave a generous donation to the kids at the Georgia Sheriff’s Youth Homes! He gave the kids his personal fishing boat for them to enjoy a favorite pastime his of fishing and boating!

The Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes was established to give our state’s most at-risk children the love, safety, and stability needed to become mature, successful adults.

During the late 1950’s, Georgia sheriffs became increasingly concerned about the growing number of abandoned, neglected, and abused children. They understood it was vital, not just for the children, but for our state, to give these disadvantaged youth the chance to grow up in a loving and secure home environment.

In 1960, the sheriffs opened the Georgia Sheriffs’ Boys Ranch near Hahira, GA

Since that time the Georgia Sheriff’s Youth Homes have provided children a place where they are able to learn strong moral values and spiritual awareness, how to participate positively in a community, and how to trust themselves and one another. Over the years, four additional homes have opened across the state for both boys and girls, providing thousands of disadvantaged youth the opportunity to live stable, positive lives in full-time residential facilities.

For over 60 years, Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes has provided quality care for hundreds of children. It is the commitment of the Sheriffs of Georgia to continue this valuable program for the youth of Georgia as well as our communities.
There are five Youth Home campuses across the state in which residents live in a structured, loving environment. The children attend public school and are offered spiritual and moral teachings. They also receive valuable training and services to help them grow into responsible, successful adults.

Accepting the donation from Mr. & Mrs. Carmony is Sheriff Neil Warren, Chief Deputy Milton Beck, Georgia Sheriff’s Association & Georgia Sheriff’s Youth Homes Executive Director Terry Norris, and Lt. Col. Robert Quigley.

Thank You Mr. & Mrs. Carmony for blessing these kids with your generous donation!

It is because of wonderful and generous citizens like you that keep this program going!

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