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Georgia law O.C.G.A. 42-1-12 mandates that sexual offenders must register with the local Sheriff’s Office. Consequently, the Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the registration of the sexual offenders who live in Cobb County, including maintenance of related records and verification that the offender in complying with statutory requirements. Violations of this law can and do result in the arrest and criminal prosecution of the offender.

The Cobb County Sheriff’s Office maintains a current sex offender registry listing all sex offenders living, working or attending school in Cobb County. This registry is available for public inspection and may be viewed at any time at the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office Headquarters Building, located at 185 Roswell St., Marietta, GA. The Sheriffs office also submits this information to the Georgia Bureau of Investigations where it may be viewed on-line by county. The GBI web site is 

There are over 4,500 registered sex offenders in Georgia. Some 350 of these offenders reside in Cobb County. Georgia's equivalent to Megan's Law became effective in 1996. It requires every individual released from prison or placed on probation parole (or some supervised release) to register with the sheriff of the county in which residency is declared. The sex offender must register any change of residency within 10 days.

Megan's Law was introduced in 1996 due to an incident in a New Jersey suburb. The act is named in honor of seven year old Megan Kanka. A convicted child molester was arrested for the rape and murder of Megan. The offender lived next to the Kanka residence. At the time of the incident, authorities were not provided an avenue to disclose the information about the potential danger. Megan's Law allows the community to be informed about these possible dangers.

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Cobb County, Georgia -- Registered Sex Offenders 

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